GI Joe Special With McFarlane Art CGC 9.6 ComicConnect Auction Ending

GI Joe Special #1 is one of those books that can be found in just about every comic collection out there, yet is loved and coveted by all. There is a reason, of course, and that is because Todd McFarlane did the interior art. The cover is even a swipe at his iconic cover form Spider-Man #1 featuring Snake Eyes in the same pose as the webhead. Joe writer Larry Hama handled writing duties on this one as well. ComicConnect is running an auction right now, Event Auction #42, and we are in session 3, which is where you can bid on the second-highest graded copy recorded of this book. Right now, biding stands at $117 with the auction set to end today. Check out the gorgeous copy here.

GI Joe Special With McFarlane Art CGC 9.6 ComicConnect Auction Ending
GI Joe Special #1 CGC 9.6. Credit ComicConnect

This is a really great time to invest in GI Joe. There is a new film, Snake Eyes, set to hit theaters this fall (for now) and another movie in active development after that one. Hasbro is reviving the toy line by giving Joe collectors what we have always wanted: six-inch GI Joe figures. More figure announcements are expected over the summer, and the vintage Real American Hero line is starting to climb up as well. Interest in the Joes hasn't been this high in a while, and it is just a matter of time before the comics shoot up again as well.

This is a perfect storm. A known property, with an iconic character on an iconic cover, swiping from an iconic artist, who himself drew the issue. It is always better to buy on the upswing than after, and GI Joe is certainly trending in the upward trajectory. Other graded copies in lower grades sell for around $185, so at this price, this is at, it is a steal. Session 3 of Event Auction #42 at ComicConnect ends today, with a ton of great books and deals to be had. Check them out here.

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