Green Arrow #44 Review: The Past Crimes of Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen is on the run from the Citizen's stirred-up hate mob. He narrowly escapes being killed. Green Arrow and Black Canary think they have a line on capturing the Citizen, but it turns out to be a dead end. Instead, the Citizen releases their next lineup of guilty parties for a social media pogrom, and Oliver Queen is still on the list. Worse yet, the Citizen has a revelation about Ollie Queen—one that Oliver himself didn't even know.

Green Arrow #44 cover by Alex Maleev
Green Arrow #44 cover by Alex Maleev

Green Arrow #44 lays down a pretty ambitious gambit about the youth of Oliver Queen. It posits something about our hero that could lead to an interesting question as to whether Ollie should still be punished for what he possibly did.

It would almost be disappointing to back down from said possibility, though, if it were true, Ollie should probably be in jail.

In any case, Green Arrow #44 is a good and action-packed issue. Ollie and Dinah are hot on the trail of the Citizen and must stop two more public executions.

One area where the comic does falter is one of the people the Citizen has chosen for execution. This woman is guilty of juicing race horses to win bets. That's scummy, make no mistake, but it's couched in a lot of other questionable practices being performed by other people. It's not exactly like she's a slumlord or a cruel taskmaster of some factory. I'm not advocating drugging race horses, but it's an oddly out-of-place crime in this narrative.

Green Arrow #44 art by Javier Fernandez and John Kalisz
Green Arrow #44 art by Javier Fernandez and John Kalisz

Javier Fernandez contributes some stunning artwork to this book and composes some ambitious layouts on many of the pages. They allow for high-energy and flowing sequences that really add something to the book. John Kalisz lays down solid and well-balanced color work to boot, and the resulting book looks great.

Green Arrow #44 is a compelling new installment for the Emerald Archer's book. Julie and Shawna Benson are doing a hell of a job on their new GA tenure, and I look forward to where they go with this story. This comic earns a recommendation. Check it out.

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