Green Lanterns #32 Review: The Quest For Pancakes

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Green Lanterns #32 variant cover by Brandon Peterson
Green Lanterns #32 variant cover by Brandon Peterson

Now that Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are back on Earth and in the present, that means one thing: pancakes.

Unfortunately, towering lava monsters have little concern for the daily recommended dose of pancakes, so this quest is diverted while the two Lanterns bring down the creature.

Then Simon drags Jessica to a house party his sister is throwing. This prompts Simon's sister, Sira, to get Jessica to flirt with guys and force Simon and his best friend, Nazir, to make up.

This is something akin to an "X-Men playing softball" issue. Just replace the X-Men with the Green Lanterns and softball with a house party and pancakes.

I get the feeling that a lot of people would not like this comic. It's light on action, heavy on humor, and has no qualms with being goofy.

However…I absolutely adored it.

Green Lanterns #32 art by Scott Godlewski and Hi-Fi
Green Lanterns #32 art by Scott Godlewski and Hi-Fi

Don't get me wrong. It walks the line between sincere and corny a lot, but it never falls into that corn territory. It's endearing. It reminds me why I love Jessica and Simon, and it brings Simon's family back into the spotlight.

The moments where it comes dangerously close to diving into the corn are when Jessica pranks a douchebag with a green scorpion up the pant leg, prompting him to take his pants off, and its implying that Sira is getting high/drunk off of doughnuts.

However, even those moments got me to smile in context. Plus, the emotional catharsis of the showdown between Simon and Nazir wraps up a subplot that has been running in the background for a few issues now.

Sam Humphries wrote a very charming book here, and I adored it.

Scott Godlewski's art work is a bit more cartoonish than the art of much of the series, but, given the light-hearted nature of this issue, it didn't particularly bother me. It worked, and Hi-Fi's color work is always welcome.

I really dug this issue. I imagine a subset of readers won't, but I do highly recommend this comic if you are a fan of Simon and Jessica. Their charisma and charm carry this issue, and you should give it a read.

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