Has Mark Millar's Twitter Been Hacked Again? Or Does He Really Need a 100-Foot Tall Inflatable Spider-Man?

Thanks to past investigative reports from Bleeding Cool, you know all about the issues Scottish comics mogul Mark Millar has been having with cybersecurity. Back in May, Millar was the victim of a cyber attack when his Twitter account was hacked. Making matters worse, it was an inside job, and the hacker was Millar's own 6-year-old daughter, who used the account to promote her favorite superheroes.

Millar played off the breach as if it were nothing serious…

But less than a month passed before Millar's daughter was able to get into his Twitter account once again, this time using the platform to launch a new comic book superhero, undercutting the standard industry single issue price by 1/3.

Once again, Millar shirked off the cyber attack and made no promises about future security measures to prevent it from happening again.

And now, Millar may have fallen prey to hacking for a third time, as his Twitter account was seen attempting to hire a giant Spider-Man balloon.

Riiiiight. A fully grown, mature adult man wants to hire a massive Spider-Man balloon to float above his "old" school. Nothing suspicious about that at all! Still, "Millar" continued to press for answers, as if whoever was controlling the account could lose access at any minute, before the balloon caper had a chance to succeed.

Millar, if that's really who this is, is going for broke, offering to "spend serious dough" for the biggest Spider-Man balloon available.

Hopefully, Millar manages to regain control of his account before he's left footing the bill for a 100-foot inflatable Spider-Man.

Has Mark Millar's Twitter Been Hacked Again? Or Does He Really Need a 100-Foot Tall Inflatable Spider-Man?

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