Hellions #2 Recap: If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again

Hellions #1 is written by Zeb Wells with art by Stephen Segovia. David Curiel handled colors, with Cory Petit on lettering. The series is Marvel's second take on Fallen Angels, which petered out after one storyline. It's unfortunate timing to launch a new series, now that the industry is shut down and we don't know when the second issue will come out. Nevertheless, let's get to the recap and find out what happened.

The cover to Hellions #1 from Marvel Comics, with art by Stephen Segovia and Rain Beredo.
The cover to Hellions #1 from Marvel Comics, with art by Stephen Segovia and Rain Beredo.

Hellions #1 Recap

In San Francisco, Wolverine, Havok, Nightcrawler, Rockslide, and Siryn bust some Hellfire Cult members. Someone armed them on the anniversary of the Mutant Massacre to create a sequel. As Havok and Nightcrawler argue politics, one of the cult members blasts them with a rocket launched.

Havok is very angry about this and lashes out with his powers. Wolverine stops him from completely melting the head of one of the cult members. As Rockslide restrains Havok, he doesn't realize what he's done. The X-Men are horrified, which is, of course, especially hypocritical on Wolverine's part.

Back on Krakoa, the Quiet Council meets. They aren't just there for Mister Sinister and Exodus to compare shoulder ornamentation, though they do that as well. The goal is to decide what to do with inconvenient mutants: Nanny, Orphan-Maker, Wold Child, Scalphunter, Empath, and Havok.

We know how Havok ended up in that group, and now we will learn what crimes the others committed. In a flashback, we see Empath causing other mutants to fight each other for fun. A file on Empath diagnoses him as a sociopath, the result of his ability to control the emotions of others.

As for Nanny and Orphan-Maker, we see Orphan-Maker trash Beast's lab trying to get to Nanny. Apparently Beast and Angel are trying to keep them apart because Orphan-Maker is a grown man by this point. They find Nanny and Orphan-Maker's relationship a little creepy.

Wild Child, on the other hand, has been indulging his animal nature. This has endangered some of the kids on Krakoa, so Sage has been feeding him pills developed by Department H to keep his animal side at bay. Unfortunately, he hasn't been taking them. Off his meds, he attacks sage and Dr. Cecelia Reyes.

Scalphunter is an interesting case. He's in trouble for allegedly attacking "an innocent group of Morlocks" on the anniversary of the Mutant Massacre. But a flashback reveals they're the ones who attacked him in revenge for that event.

A Sinister Plan

As the council begins to debate the fate of these troublemaking mutants, Mister Sinister points out there's one more. Cyclops is livid that his brother is in the Circle of Judgment, but Alex believes he deserves it. Nightcrawler explains what happened earlier.

The situation is tense, but Sinister tells everyone to "unclench." He has an idea. He believes that violence is the rightful expression of these mutants' powers.  Why not use it to their advantage? Sinister is happy to take these mutants under his care as mentor. They'll be sent on missions where they can use their powers for the greater good which will also serve as therapy.  The council agrees to take this under consideration.

It seems the council agrees. Cyclops goes to Psylocke and asks her to join the team as well to keep Sinister in check. She agrees and will co-lead the team with Sinister.

At the team's first meeting, Psylocke and Sinister assign a mission. The Hellions will travel to Mister Sinister's clone factory and orphanage and destroy it. To do that, they'll need to subdue Sinister's old team of Marauders (minus Scalphunter).

Before they leave, Scalphunter warns Empath not to mess with them. Likewise, Nanny warns Mister Sinister not to try to steal her orphan. Wild Child and Scalphunter get into a fight. Things are off to a great start. Before they leave, Sinister admits to Psylocke that he's hiding something from the team about the orphanage.

What is he hiding? The final scene reveals the old Marauders tied up and hung upside down over a pool of blood. They're being held captive, and used in a ritual, by the Goblin Queen.

My Opinion on Hellions #2

Right off the bat, this is a better take on a "troubled" X-team than Fallen Angels, so it has that going for it. Of course, it's basically just ripping off Suicide Squad, so it was hard to go wrong there. Poor Havok can't seem to catch a break though, can he? What are the odds he ends up hooking up with Madelyne? I'd totally ship that, but we'll have to wait a month or two to find out.

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