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Cover image for HELLIONS #14
Hellions #14 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, and a preview of the issue doesn't bode well for the titular Hellions Tarn the Uncaring, along with his posse, The Locus Vile, want to make the Hellions pay for Mister Sinister stealing their jeans during the X of Swords crossover event Wait a minute,[...]
Cover image for HELLIONS #13
And so in this preview of Hellions #13, in stores next week from Marvel Comics, Nanny is taking care of a mutant AI Unfortunately, while it may not have parents, someone is looking for it Meanwhile, according to the solicit, we should get some hot Sinister on Sinister action in this issue Sweet! Check out the[...]
Kevin Feige Asks Cyclops For His Story, In Today's X-Men (Spoilers)
Might the Fantastic Four have more of a reason to distrust Krakoa? Well, yes, yes they might, Although not every arrival matches up. Iron Man arrived in Hellions under his own steam, with a very aggressive attitude towards Quentin Quire, in X-Force. While he also arrives doing the superhero landing he trademarked instead, in Marauders. In Hellions, the psi-dampener[...]
What Happened At Midnight At The Hellfire Gala? (Spoilers)
Marvel Comics publish three Hellfire Gala books today, Marauders #21 (a "red" book so the only one you actually need to pick up to follow the event), X-Force, and Hellions And some of them have some time codes through the evening… So the Krakoan gates open at 7pm and the guests arrive fashionably late At 7.29[...]
Cover image for HELLIONS #12 GALA
The Hellfire Gala kicks off on Wednesday at Marvel Comics, which means it's time to party in this preview of Hellions #12 Well, except for one problem While Sinister, Psylocke, and Havok are headed to the Gala, the rest of the Hellions have been told they have to stay at home Will they listen? Not[...]
Hellfire Gala
In Hellions #11, Mister Sinister may have the look down pat, but he may need to have some face work done first. If only to deal with the botched job he most recently suffered at the hands of a certain Arcade And to stop everyone announcing him as Mishter Shinishter Still, maybe he'll like the whole[...]
Cover image for HELLIONS #11
When we last saw the Hellions, way back in Hellions #10, they weren't having a great time trapped in Arcade's new Mastermind-powered Murder World And yes, they're still trapped there in this preview of Hellions #11, but has it really been 30 years as the solicit implies and as Kwannon's gray hair shows? Probably not[...]
The Demasculation Of Wolverine In X-Men Comics Today
There's only a smattering of Krakoa in today's comic books from Marvel today, with only Hellions #10 as the official X-Men title – but some other interest elsewhere But one way or another, Wolverine does not come out of it well at all. So in Hellions #10 today we get to see the illusions created by[...]
Marvel X-Men Krakoa
And if they can't do that… it's resurrection time. King In Black: Marauders #1 – resurrection plans I'm sure the resurrection protocols will hold, right? Avengers #42 shows that Wolverine is a bit possessive these days. Runaways #33 sees the X-Men take a trip off Krakoa as well, courtesy of Molly. Maybe they should have used a limo, like[...]
Is Professor X A War Criminal? (Hellions, Juggernaut, X-Factor)
Today sees the publication of three X-Men comic books, Hellions #8, X-Factor #6 and Juggernaut #5 – the latter seems a little retrofitted into the Krakoan comic books, but we'll go with it After all, it ends with Professor X and Krakoa taking in a new citizen. Credit: Marvel Even though, apparently, she won;t be allowed to[...]
X-Force and New Mutants
And now asking the question – could there be other Fastball Specials yet to be untapped? Credit: Marvel New Mutants #14 doubles down on this and gives us their first explicit such combinations from the New Mutants, teaching a new crowd of young mutants on Krakoa. Credit: Marvel So Moonstar can use Majik's portals to extend her visions… Credit: Marvel While[...]
The cover to Hellions #7
In Hellions #7, Mister Sinister's schemes don't stop just because he arguably won the X of Swords crossover Plus: the return of a classic villain No discourse this time… just a gif I made from last night's wrestling shows. Now it's recap time! Sworn to sell comics for Marvel executives who feared and hated the fact that[...]
X Of Swords
Today's X Of Swords three issues with X-Force, Hellions and Cable, burn through almost all the remaining battles between Krakoa and Arakko, as held by Saturnyne in Otherworld between them. Even though one X Of Swords issue, Hellions, hasn't got a single battle in it Captain Britain, at odds with Saturnyne, and in X-Force, she brings[...]
The cover to Cable #5, part 8 of X of Swords
Three X-books were published by Marvel Comics last week, all part of the X of Swords crossover event that's swallowed the X-line whole: Hellions #5, New Mutants #13, and Cable #5 As an "essential" crossover, this could be costing you a lot of money Or maybe it just costs me a lot of money, and[...]