Here's Why We Are Still Complaining About Page Rates – Rob Hunter Answers Abhay Khosla


Comic book inker Rob Hunter has provided his response to Abhay Khosla's response as reported here to Michael Davis' original article on Bleeding Cool regarding Dan DiDio. 

He is a little bit briefer, however. He writes,

Hey Savage Critics, you can go f-ck yourselves. Your bullshit criticism of Dan DiDio from some ahole I've never heard of. Here's my perspective as an artist working at DC Comics under the direction of Dan compared to if I was inking for Marvel Comics. In the last few years Marvel has cut page rates and still doesn't offer foreign royalties. All from a company making billions of dollars off of movies based on those same comic books. If I was inking for Marvel instead of DC I'm pretty sure I'd barely cross the poverty line set forth by government standards. Instead I've been busy at DC these last few years and have actually purchased a home with my wife. A mortgage yes, but a mortgage I guarantee I would not be able to pay if I was busy at Marvel instead of DC.

I don't particularly think Abhay Khosla was sparing Marvel from his wrath though Rob. I just think it had a different focus this time….

There also seemed to be more coded responses, such as Gail Simone's promotion for the final issue of Secret Six, out today.

Wednesday is the last issue of SECRET SIX. We had a blast doing this series. Huge thanks to the gifted artists who worked on it, especially the great DALE EAGLESHAM and the wonderful TOM DERENICK. These guys went above and beyond and I will love them forever.

Big thank yous to the amazing editors, Mark Doyle, Jim Chadwick, and Kristy O'Quinn, who never did anything but help us make the wildest, best book we could.

And lots of thanks to Dan DiDio, who supported us hugely, and who actually had the idea for us to bring the book back.

Biggest thanks of all to everyone who read our weirdo book. Thank you! Catman says big hug!

Unless of course I am reading into this more than is there. Wouldn't be the first time.

UPDATE: An anonymous Marvel exec writes to say…

Talent who have not worked for Marvel, and who have not been contacted to work at Marvel, in over a decade should maybe refrain from commenting on our business practices and page rates as they have no firsthand knowledge of how we operate.


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