Image Comics Dream Team: Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer On Thief Of Thieves

Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman will preview a new series called Thief of Thieves at San Diego Comic Con this week. The project will be published through Kirkman's Image/Skybound imprint, and the first arc of the new series will be written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Shawn Martinbrough (Batman: No Man's Land).

Kirkman is bringing some of his television experience back to comics with him on this project. He told USA Today:

The creator is taking a writer's room approach for his new Image Comics series Thief of Thieves, debuting early next year on his Skybound imprint and making a splash this week at Comic-Con in San Diego.
"Having worked on the Walking Dead TV show, I've really fallen in love with the way that TV shows are written, where a bunch of people get together and they plot stuff and people split off into their own little splinter groups and write episodes," Kirkman says. "I think that's a really neat way to tell stories and something that could be utilized in comics more often."

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