John Byrne And Roger Stern's Marvel: The Lost Generation Returns To Secret Wars

Marvel_The_Lost_Generation_Vol_1_11We knew we were getting the Supreme Power characters. The New Universe charactewrs. The Shadowline Saga characters. But we didn't know we'd be getting the return of Marvel: The Lost Generation. But Marc Guggenheim, in a PR-arranged interview with Marvel Comics, has confirmed it.

So many. One of the things I love about the whole Battleworld concept is that it offers a chance to make a deep dive into Marvel's treasure trove of characters. Secret Wars really is a love letter to the Marvel Universe and I was very fortunate to get access to all the characters I wanted to play with. Over the course of the series, you'll see the Frightful Four, characters from the New Universe, characters from Marvel: The Lost Generation, the Supreme Power incarnation of the Squadron Supreme, characters from Epic Comics' Shadowline Saga, and an entire domain made up of characters from all of Marvel's war comics.

Marvel: The Lost Generation was a twelve issue series that was created to fit into the ever expanding gap between the events depicited in the Marvel Universe and the Second World War.

It starred the superhero team, The First Line, including characters The Yankee Clipper, Oxbow, Effigy, Nightingale, Pixie and Major Mercury, Captain Hip and Sunshine, Kid Justice and the Black Fox.

In an original twist the entire series was told backwards, beginning with issue 12 telling the last adventure of the team, with each subsequent issue, 10, 9, 8 etc telling an earlier story until their origin was revealed. The series could also be read in order from issue 1 to 12 after publication.Their final, or first mission, saw the team meet their deaths at the hand of a Skrull invasion that was covered up.

But the Battleworld can revive any version of past events – and realities…

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