Kim Kardashian And Supertemporal

Supertemporal – written by Howard M. Shum, art by Simone Arena. 144-page trade paperback. Will be published April 2015. Kickstarter end date December 4, 2014.

Supertemporal is an action-adventure comic book. Three scientists who have built a time machine must find out and stop what happened on a specific day in the year 2053 that caused the elimination of every person on this world.

Howard M Shum writes,

I know what everyone is thinking, "Why should we support the Kickstarter of the guy who suggested to Kim Kardashian to show her butt on the cover of Paper Magazine?" Just because Kim and I are BFFs should have no bearing whatsoever on my comic Supertemporal. The book should be judged on its own merits or my previous creator-owned work at Image: Gazillion, Intrigue, Gun Fu, and Hyperkinetic or my art for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and the Simpsons.

If you can look past my association with Kim and pledge for one of the rewards and if that total reaches $2,500 (half of my goal) over this weekend, I promise every reward pledge from Bleeding Cool will get an inked head sketch of one of the characters from Supertemporal on the exclusive bookplate.

Comics can be more than super-heroes; support Supertemporal. Kim and I thank you.


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