Kull Eternal #3 Review: Needs More Lincoln

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In the present, Kull and Zarunna wait out in the Antarctic base. Back in Valusia, we see Zarunna's father elaborate his plan to supplant Kull to his daughter by using the Mirror of the Future. Their first excursion with the Mirror sends Kull and Zarunna to the American Civil War where they find themselves protecting Abraham Lincoln from snake-men and werewolves.

Kull Eternal #1 cover by Luca Pizzari
Kull Eternal #1 cover by Luca Pizzari

From that description, you may think that this comic is a fast-paced time-traveling fantasy adventure with Abraham frigging Lincoln bolstering the comic. Unfortunately, this is not the case. This book is painfully slow, the plot is convoluted beyond reason, and it bores more often than it entertains.

This comic is stunningly heavy on the dialogue. Every point receives and elaborate explanation, and, even then, its plot is ill-defined while being ceaselessly complex.

None of the characters are likable either. Kull is presented as a meat-headed douchebag. Zarunna is a duplicitous cypher with no real motivation and jumps Kull's bones for no reason whatsoever. Everyone else is a background character or is a scheming cartoon villain.

Plus, Abe Lincoln is only in the comic for, like, three panels.

Kull Eternal #3 art by Luca Pizzari and Triona Tree Farrell
Kull Eternal #3 art by Luca Pizzari and Triona Tree Farrell

Luca Pizzari's artwork is a saving grace which grants visual personality and kinetic energy to the comic. Characters are drawn with very expressive features and distinct designs. There is a subtle cartoonish quality which livens up the comic somewhat. Triona Tree Farrell's color art is vibrant and bright, and it adds a little more personality to a comic that would be bereft of it if left up to the written narrative alone.

Kull Eternal #3 is a complex and dull take on the swords-and-sorcery character. Time-travelling and Abe Lincoln aren't enough to liven up the comic, and the great art is wasted on the catatonic plot. Unfortunately, this book does not earn a recommendation. Give it a pass.

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