Mickey Mouse Strip By Manuel Gonzales On Auction At Heritage

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Mickey Mouse and Disney collectors love gobbling up original art pieces, and an untapped part of that is the old comic strips. This one, in particular, part of Heritage Auctions Dallas #7234 lot, is extra special. It not only features Goofy but his girlfriend Glory-Bee. Most forget she exists, but there she is. She was around a lot in the '60s and has not been seen much at all since. She didn't stick like others did. This particular strip is by artist Manuel Gonzales, and the bidding is up to a surprisingly low $210. It is dated as appearing nationally on January 17th, 1971. That makes this one highly attainable since there two days left in the bidding. You can check out the strip itself down below.

Mickey Mouse Strip By Manuel Gonzales On Auction At Heritage
Mickey Mouse Strip by Manuel Gonzalez. Credit Heritage Auctions

Mickey Mouse Strips Are So Awesome

Manuel Gonzales Mickey Mouse Sunday Comic Strip Original Art dated 1-17-71 (King Features Syndicate, 1971). Goofy and Goofy's seldom-seen girlfriend, Glory-Bee, appears in this superb Sunday. Glory-Bee made her first appearance in the Mickey Mouse strip just two years prior, in 1969. Mickey and Minnie Mouse also appear. The stated masthead in Panel 1 is original. The ink over graphite on Bristol board image area measures 24" x 16". In Excellent condition.

Don't sleep on these kinds of pieces, Disney fans. I think the Mickey Mouse strips are going to shoot up soon, as they feature tons of characters and cute, silly stories to put on your wall. Again, this one is part of Dallas Auction #7234 over at Heritage Auctions. The bidding ends in two days for this piece, so go here and get a bid in while you still can. While there, take a look at everything else up for bidding in the lot, like artwork, video games, comics, action figures, and more comic strip art.

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