Minions Are Everywhere, Even In Comics

You might think I've been living under a rock if I'm talking about Minions being everywhere, because let's face it they have been for a long time. However, the truth is, I've been running away from them.

Sure they're cute, but I honestly don't get the appeal. So, I've been blissfully ignorant of the presence of Minions in the comic book world until today. With the news of Minions Vol. 2: Evil Panic from Titan Comics, I forced myself to accept that they're taking over the world. I'm not going to lie…I was pretty impressed by how nice the artwork looks for this book.

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Well done, Renaud Collin. The book is written by Stéphane Lapuss', with art by Collin and the story seems to just revolve around Minions…Hey! If you're into that, that's cool with me. This is an exciting release for you. 48 pages of Minions galore. Minions Vol. 2: Evil Panic releases today.