Funko Unleashes the Minions with New Pop Figures

Funko Unleashes the Minions with New Pop Figures

Things are about to get yellow as Funko announces new Minions Pops are headed our way. This time these Funko Pops are based on their newest film, Minions: The Rise of Gru. While we all have to wait till July till the movie premieres we have some Minions collectibles to look for. There are 8 figures announced […]

'Minions: Rise of Gru': Check Out the Super Bowl Spot Right Here

'Minions: Rise of Gru': Check Out the Super Bowl Spot Right Here

Minions fans, your time is here! The first footage from Minions: Rise of Gru is here, in the form of a Super Bowl TV Spot. The full trailer will debut on Wednesday, but get your first taste of referential humor down below: This summer, from the biggest animated franchise in history and global cultural phenomenon, […]

Titan Declassifies New Minions Comic

In their November solicitations, Titan Comics announced a new Minions comic book, Viva Le Boss, with the following solicitation: Minions Viva Le Boss #1 (W) Stephane Lapuss (A/CA) Renaud Collin The breakout mascot characters of Despicable Me (and their own movie, Minions!) return for another round of comic capers! The villainous yellow goofballs wander history […]

Despicable Me 1 & 2 Get An Honest Trailer

The folks at Screen Junkies are taking on the first two Despicable Me movies as the third one heads to the theaters. The Honest Trailer breaks down that it is another franchise where the villain becomes the hero… but the real stars are the Minions who went from being filler gags, to having their own […]

Get Ready For More Memes; We Have A New Minion

There's a new Minion in town and his is Mel. Entertainment Weekly shared a image and description of the new Minion who is going to lead an uprising again their leader Gru (Steve Carell) in Despicable Me 3. "The Minions have been patiently waiting for Gru to get over this phase of being good, but […]

Minions Get An Honest Trailer… Maybe Too Honest

The folks over at Screen Junkies have put together an Honest Trailer for Minions… and I get the feeling that they didn't like it much. Or at all. I will admit that the marketing campaign for the film was a bit over-the-top… and they did kill a lot of people for a kids movie. [youtube][/youtube]

Minions Are Everywhere, Even In Comics

You might think I've been living under a rock if I'm talking about Minions being everywhere, because let's face it they have been for a long time. However, the truth is, I've been running away from them. Sure they're cute, but I honestly don't get the appeal. So, I've been blissfully ignorant of the presence […]

Ant-Man #1 At Box-Office Over Adam Sandler's Pixels

Adam Sandler's latest film Pixels started off well by winning the Friday night domestic box-office with $9.4 million, but that didn't continue as the weekend progressed and families headed out to the theater. Coming in with $24 million, the film fell just short of the top spot to by a little over $700,000. What was […]

In One Week, In Two Weeks – We're All Doomed

On Wednesday, the launch of Plants Vs Zombies, Black Canary, Doomed, Harley Quinn & Power Girl, Dr Fate, Justice League Of America, Prez, Martian Manhunter, Robin Son Of Batman, TMNT Casey & April, Astronauts In Trouble, Empty Zone, Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill, Runaways, Squadron Sinister, Thors, Princeless: Be Yourself, Fathom Blue, Fiction and […]

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Villain Con – A Clip From Minions

One of the funniest things from Despicable Me films have been the Minions, and now the little fellows are getting a prequel movie of their own… which shocks me a little because I thought Gru created them. Minions are yellow henchmen, who have existed since the beginning of beginning, evolving from a yellow single-cell organisms […]

The Blacklist Becomes A Comic Book, Announced By Titan At ComicsPRO

The Blacklist has been to Comic Con before… but now it's coming to a comic as well. The successful TV series starring James Spader as FBI's most wanted, turned turncoat (or has he?) Raymond Reddington is being adapted by Titan Comics as a comic book series, announced at ComicsPRO the retailer meeting in Portland. It […]

The Minions Head To Villain-Con In New Trailer

We have our first real look at the Minions movie with this new trailer including the character of Scarlett Overkill voiced by Sandra Bullock. It also includes the voices of Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney and Steve Coogan. Minions hits theaters July 10th. [youtube][/youtube]

The Minions Return In A New Trailer For Despicable Me 2

With some tough competition coming from Monsters University and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, we'll have to wait and what Despicable Me 2 can do in the battle of the 2013 animation sequels when it's released this July.