"My Largest Concern Is Her Bosom" – The First E-Mail Steve Pugh Received Over Generation X

Steve Pugh has the kind of e-mails that I lost a long time ago. Such as his first e-mail from an American reader back in December 1999 about his then-announced gig drawing the comic Generation X, written by Warren Ellis and Brian Wood.

And he published it for our… is enjoyment the word? Let's go with enjoyment.

Mr. Pugh;

I've seen your work and I'm really glad that you'll be taking over the position of penciller on "Generation X." I can't wait to see how you'll portray everyone's favorite current New Mutants, especially Jubilee.
Jubilee's actually my reason for writing to you. I was unable to see your sketches of our beloved little firecracker, and I was just wondering what she'll look like. Call me a pervert if you will, but my largest concern is her bosom. While I liked the Dodsons' work, I didn't like how he portrayed Jubilee as some flat-chested girl. By now, Jubilee should be at least 16, and she should have some breasts. I'm not saying she should have Rogue-sized knockers, but the average teenage girl has nicely-sized breasts. Also, please give her the toned body a well-trained former X-Man should have. She should have the best built body out the entire team, except for Banshee and White Queen."

So did Pugh deliver for the perve in question? Probably not, but who knows?


Pugh currently draws The Flintstones comic.

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