All-New Wolverine #24 Review: The Series Is Really Picking Up

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Cover to All-New Wolverine #24 by Leinil Francis Yu
All-New Wolverine #24

It's Wolverine and the Guardians of the Galaxy against a horde of Brood on a moon! To make matters worse, Gabby has been infected and turned into the next Brood Queen of this hive. The Guardians are trying to convince Laura that it's too late, and Gabby is beyond saving. However, Wolverine does not give up so easily. Can Laura save Gabby, or is her little sister condemned to live as an alien bug monster?

While I had some hang-ups about how this story was playing out over the past two issues, All-New Wolverine #24 manages to stick the landing and do what is so hard for many comic book arcs: it ends the story well.

This issue is just a lot of fun, as Wolverine shows her undying dedication that a Wolverine is known for. The Guardians of the Galaxy bring a lot of entertainment with good one-liners coming from Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon showing off his trademark sadism.

The Brood are classic X-Men villains, and they lend themselves well to a Guardians story given their cosmic origins. Tom Taylor brings these elements together in a well-executed finale.

Laura pulls off some daring and risky moves that show why she was the perfect choice to replace Logan.

The fate of Gabby is actually up in the air here. I won't say which way it goes, but making the fate of a main character in a mainstream comic book story feel this unsure is no mean feat.

I feel like I already spoiled how it goes just by talking about it, but Taylor does deserve some praise for it either way.

Also, Jonathan the Wolverine gets a voice translator. That's just awesome. It also makes me miss Cosmo the Talkink Space Dog from the Abnett and Lanning Guardians of the Galaxy.

The actual ending itself is pretty surprising and hardcore. And I dig it.

Leonard Kirk's work here is absolutely stellar. With an expressive style and fluid motion, he brings the Wolverine to life. Sometimes details do get lost a little too quickly in the background, but, overall, Kirk's art is nothing but a boon for the comic.

Garland and Arciniega give some fantastic color contrast to the comic. Pulling off a good color balance isn't praised often enough in comic book criticism, and it can't be understated how important a skill that actually is. As such, Garland and Arciniega deserve a lot of respect for how well they do in this comic book.

This is easily one of the best issues of All-New Wolverine I've read. It's fun, fast-paced, and pretty brutal at times. This one fights hard to win its recommendation, and yet it accomplishes with aplomb. Give this one a read.

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