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"Halo": Showtime Posts Cast Photo; Production "About to Begin" [PREVIEW]
Produced by the cabler in conjunction with 343 Industries and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Television, the series is expected to begin production later this year in Budapest. Here's a look at the cast of Showtime's Halo, starring Pablo Schreiber (American Gods), newcomer Yerin Haare, Shabana Azmi (Fire), Bentley Kalu (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Natasha Culzac (The Witcher),[...]
33 Confirmed Dead in Kyoto Animation Office Arson Attack
33 people are confirmed dead and dozens injured after a man set fire to the office building of Kyoto Animation Studios on Thursday morning The fatalities make this the biggest mass murder in post-war Japanese history. Youtube NHK reported that 30 fire engines responded to the fire and extinguished it completely in five hours Of the 33[...]
BTS: Burn The Stage: YouTube Red Series Takes Fans Behind the Scenes
YouTube Red promises an "intimate, personal portrayal" of the band's dedication to one another, their music, and their fans. Here's a look at BTS' off-air performance of "Go Go," "Save Me," "I Need U" and "Fire" from Jimmy Kimmel Live: On March 28, BTS: Burn The Stage will premiere the first two episodes through their Bangtan TV[...]
Sabrina Cohen-Hatton
Credit: AFAC via Flickr (CC BY 2.0) Broadchurch producer Kudos is set to answer another five-alarm call, announcing that it's developing upcoming female firefighter memoir Through the Fire to series Written by renowned senior firefighter Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton and set to be published by Transworld in Spring 2019, Emma Kingsman-Lloyd (Grantchester, DCI Banks) will serve as[...]
A Gift For The Person That Has Everything… A Mini Flame Thrower
But what if your creative genius requires a bit more special effects? Here's something you can put on your Christmas list… the Pyro Mini. I wrote up the first Pyro a few years ago, a way to throw fireballs from your wrists Well now they've made a smaller version with a rechargeable battery that cost just[...]
North Carolina Comic Store, Micheal's Marvels, Burns To The Ground
Micheal's Marvels is a small comic book store tucked away in Sanford, North Carolina. Or at least it was. A fire in a neighbouring building spread and the store, and its contents, burned to the ground. No one was killed or injured in the blaze on Sunday afternoon, but the cabinet shop where the fire is believed to have[...]
Flame On! Marvel On Fire, But Everyone Okay. And Going Home For The Day.
OUR BUILDING IS ON FIRE — Judy (@OMG_Dj_Judy) January 6, 2014 Huh Fire outside the office and we've been evacuated Everyone seems ok and FDNY & NYPD is on the scene. — Ron Perazza (@Perazza) January 6, 2014 Looks like the fire is sending all of Marvel home for the day Sorry, comics! — Ron Perazza (@Perazza) January 6,[...]
Amazon Offers All-You-Can-Eat Digital Comics For Kids From Marvel And DC
Amazon has announced Freetime Unlimited, a new subscription service for kids that lets them download books, movies, games and comics from a restricted library, for the Kindle Fire. This will also include comic books from Marvel and DC Expect to see Muppets, Marvel Adventures, Tiny Titans and Scooby Doo… The service will cost $2.99 a month for[...]
Cerebus High Society Negatives Destroyed By Fire
 Front page: Sandeep's place — and the buildings on either side of him — were gutted by fire yesterday afternoon He got out in one piece but with nothing but the clothes on his back and his wallet (he had been in the shower and a cop showed up at the door:  "You have to[...]
BGZ And The Walking Dead Create Dark Phoenix Cosplay On Fire
Taking Miracole nd turning her into a Dark Phoenix by setting her on fire And not just in Photoshop. BGZ Studios had been to considerable lengths in order to set up the stunt, to no avail But then luck struck And then struck out again He writes; I then got a phone call from on of my[...]
DC Books Return To Barnes & Noble's Shelves
Bleeding Cool broke the story and provided the photographic proof back in October that Barnes & Noble was to remove 100 DC Comics graphic novels from their shelves a few months ago, over DC's decision to make them digitally exclusive to the Amazon Kindle Fire – excluding Barnes & Noble's Nook Books-A-Million followed suit, as[...]
DC Comics Fails Over Kindle App Availability
That's the tweet sent out at the end of September, assuring people as the news streamed out that DC Comics were getting into bed with Amazon Kindle Fire, that they would be able to access these one hundred digital graphic novels on their Apple iPads, say. However, when the books went live for downloading yesterday, people[...]
Photos – Down Come The DC Books At Barnes & Noble
When we first reported this morning that Barnes & Noble were removing from their bookshelves the 100 graphic novels digitally exclusive to the Amazon Fire Kindle, there was some doubt Even as Neil Gaiman tweeted the news, people got in touch to say their Barnes & Noble had received no such instruction As one Upper[...]
A Place In Space In Croydon Still Standing, Opening Again
While fire did blaze down the street as a result of rioting, it stopped next door and A Place In Space has, very luckily emerged with full undamaged stock and the Blitz spirit desire to keep things going. But obviously they need tour help Footfall, as you may expect, is down right now Here is a[...]