NYCC: DC Comics Master Class: Art History With David Finch, Amanda Conner, Babs Tarr

Dimitrios Haritos writes for Bleeding Cool:

wonder_woman_finchI was able to make the DC Comics Master Class: Art History panel which was really laid back. Panelists David Finch, Babs Tarr and Amanda Conner answered questions about how they got into comics, where they start drawing on the body among other questions they were asked. During this they were drawing for the panel and it was displayed on the monitor in the room.

Tarr explains how she got Batgirl and it was because Cameron Stewart had see her art and followed her on instagram. Stewart messaged her and asked if she would be interested in drawing comics. She had to show editors she could do sequntial art and after she drew a couple test pages the editors were convinced. Shortly after she was offered Batgirl. She was saying how odd it is to narrate what she's drawing. During the conversation Tarr is finishing up a beautiful image of Batgirl.

Conner is up and she has started on a Harley Quinn image. Conner says the best place to start drawing Harley is with big crazy eyes and that the hardest part is remembering all the costume details and which side is red and which side is black. She said she got her start when it was pre 9/11 and she could go to the Marvel and DC offices. She would tell them she was from out of town and if she could show her work to an editor. Conner remineses about how her first work at DC was for a Supergirl pinup back when Peter David was on the book.

Finch then approches and throws down an almost complete Wonder Woman image almost completely inked. He tells aspiring artists to be ready for a lot of criticism and get good at taking it. He says that it is easier to get discover today because of the internet and the other panelists agree. Finch then goes on to talk about how he aims to do a page a day and starts with the head shape and eyes when drawing.

The panelists are all asked who would they love to draw that they haven't before. Finch says he'd love to draw Lobo, Conner would love to draw Catwoman or Big Barda, and Tarr says she would love to do Catwoman or Black Canary.

The panel concluded but not before they did a little trivia and gave out the art the panelists had just drawn.

Dimitrios Haritos is a contributor for Bleeding Cool as well as a Cosplayer who loves all things comics. You can find him on twitter @ectoman_913

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