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Out Of Body Review: A Detective Story Without The Detective

Writer Peter Milligan describes Out Of Body as a detective story without the detective. Usually, the detective drives or walks under their own power to discover clues and red herrings, but not so in Out Of Body. The detective (Dan Collins, a psychotherapist) is on life support, unable to move his body. Someone attacked Collins, but Collins can't remember who. From his hospital bed, Collins must discover who attacked him and why.

Cover image for OUT OF BODY TP
Out of Body Cover. Copyright © 2022, AfterShockComics

It makes for an interesting academic question: How do you tell the story, then? Their answer: Astral projection. Artist Inaki Miranda does a good job of differentiating between the two worlds (physical and astral). It's difficult to draw bodies flying around while astral projecting while not making them look like the bodies are just hanging in the air.

With regards to characters, Milligan does a good job ensuring no one is too good or bad. Every suspect (as well as Collins) has their dirty secrets and shames. This being a Milligan comic, there's a nearly exasperating mention of The Flowers of Evil and a clear nod to Swamp Thing. Miranda (and colorist Eva De La Cruz) do a great job at making the villains look exquisitely creepy.

If you're looking for a fairly creepy detective story, Out Of Body has you covered. Aftershock offers the collection for purchase here.

When Dan Collins wakes to finds his life hanging by a thread, he must use his astral projection to discover who tried to kill him. Who is the beautiful mystic who tries to help him? Why does August Fryne want Dan's soul – and what does it have to do with a demon who seems to be Dorian Gray?  A weird, occult detective thriller about life, death –and whatever lies in between.
From award-winning comic book writer Peter Milligan (X-Force, X-Statix) and artistic sensation Inaki Miranda (WE LIVE, Harley Quinn) comes an awesome new dimension in horror and mystery!
This 128-page volume contains the entire series, issues #1-5.

Out Of Body

Cover image for OUT OF BODY TP
Review by James Hepplewhite

In Out Of Body, the detective (Dan Collins, a psychotherapist) is on life support, unable to figure out who attacked him.

Peter Milligan
Inaki Miranda
Eva De La Cruz
Sal Cipriano

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