Bruce Campbell Teases a New Evil Dead Video Game

Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell teased a new ED  video game which will release "probably within a year." Campbell dropped the news in a recent interview with TV Insider about the Ripley's Bleive it or Not! reboot. While much of the interview  focuses on Ripley's and Campbell's previous work with the Evil Dead franchise, one small question asked about the possibility of another installment in that universe, with or without Ash Williams.

Campbell didn't offer many details but still, this is the first we've heard of a new Evil Dead game, so that's definitely worth celebrating.

Pax East 2019 - Ash Williams - Dead by Daylight- Evil Dead
credit// Behaviour Interactive

From TV Insider:

It's been a year since Ash vs. Evil Dead has left our screens. Do you think we will see another incarnation or installment within the Evil Dead universe, with or without Ash?

We'll see more Evil Dead, that's for sure. There is an Evil Dead video game out. A fully immersive video game probably within a year. I'm not sure about the day. There will be variations of that. There won't be the original Ash anymore. That guy is done.

As for the Evil Dead game currently out, we're assuming he means the 2005 game and not the Dead by Daylight crossover.

In related Evil Dead news, Campbell recently revealed that, while there is more Evil Dead coming, the series will continue on without him.

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