DC Pays 75% Of Occupy Metropolis Press Ad

DC Comics run a co-op advertising scheme where they will pay 75% of the cost of a comic store's advertising as long as they only feature DC product and make DC the most prominent aspect of the ad.

And that's what Bleeding Cool Fan Award winning store, A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, just did. Except their ad was a little different than usual. And made certain amends to the DC-provided artwork…

DC Pays 75% Of Occupy Metropolis Press Ad

Note the posters now reading "Occupy Metropolis" and "Make Luthor Pay" and the Action logo altered to say "Superman vs the 1%". DC didn't mind, they signed it off anyway, and the ad ran in the Orlando Weekly.

Mind you, I'm not sure about the message. While this fits more into Grant Morrison's rereading of Superman as a socialist American hero, the 99% usually don't have a Fortress Of Solitude as a second home.

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