Friday Runaround – Sex, Lies And Catwomen

CatWatch1: Laura Hudson of Comics Alliance goes to town on Catwoman and Starfire. And seemingly… quits.

"I have been doing this for a long time, now. I have lived in the neighborhood of superhero comics for a long time. And frankly, if this is how they think it's ok to treat me when I walk down the street in a place that I thought belonged to me just as much as anyone else who lives here, then I'm not sure I want to live here anymore."

CatWatch2: Todd Allen of IndignantOnline has his own take;

It has long been said that pro wrestling and comics are both soap operas for dudes.  There's an element of truth to that and DC seems to be trying to make Catwoman a trashy bodice-ripper of a romance novel for dudes.  A bit of an escalation from soap operas.

The thing is, normally the victim of the rape-fantasy is heroine.  Here the victim is Batman.  Given that DC's readership is thought to be overwhelmingly male, is it intended that the little fanboys identify with Batman and have a… we'll be generous and call it a ROMANTIC fantasy about being overpowered by a catburgler/ex-prostitute in a leather bodysuit?

'Cause, y'know, if that's what's going on, that's pretty creepy.  I'm not saying there aren't a lot of fanboys who wouldn't have that high on their bucket list, but that's still pretty creepy.  Maybe I'm just well-adjusted.

ColbertWatch: Stephen Colbert encourages you to touch the falling NASA satellite and get super powers.

Can't see it? You know what to do.

SequelWatch: Last year Mark Millar announced that Kick Ass 2, the movie, had been greenlit. And everyone else seemed to suggest that it hadn't. He now seems to have come to terms with that.

Hopefully, we can use the same actors if and when we do a sequel, but getting Matthew [Vaughn] to direct or Jane to write a movie at this budget would be very difficult because they're superstars now and they have projects of their own. I'd imagine, if this happens any time soon, that Matthew will produce and possibly co-write, like George Lucas did with "The Empire Strikes Back," and hire a new director.

ConWatch: Tomorrow is the Massachussets Independent Comic Expo.

ConWatch2: And the Lexpo in Lafayette.

ClothesWatch: Want to get rid of your comics? Here's one way...

The Montana State University chapter of Engineers Without Borders' "Junk2Funk" recycled fashion show on Saturday supports its water projects in Kenya and will probably be its biggest fundraiser of the school year.

EWB students have been busy making dresses and other fashions out of soda cans, comic books and bottle caps, said Kristen Ingman, a sophomore from Helena and fashion show organizer. One of her favorites last year was an intricate dress made from comics and black plastic.

MuseumWatch: The LitGraphic exhibition hits New England;

The Fitchburg Art Museum will host the only New England showing of a traveling exhibition, "LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel," which features more than 200 original artworks — paintings, drawings, storyboards, studies, books, photographs and a documentary film — organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum.

The LitGraphic exhibition will feature works from the 1920s through the 1990s. It includes Lynd Ward's evocative 1929 illustration for "God's Man," the infamous R. Crumb of the 1960s underground comic movement — remember Fritz the Cat — and Marc Hempel of DC Comics' "The Sandman" fame. A total of 25 artists are represented in the exhibition.

"LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel" opens Sunday and runs until the end of December at the Fitchburg Art Museum, 25 Merriam Parkway, Fitchburg

HackWatch: A journalist finds himself a geek alone...

To Gerry's credit, he gets it to a point. He can tell you Captain America is the guy in blue with the round shield and an "A" on his head, and the Flash can run fast.

But that's about all he has the stomach for. The importance of DC Comics rebooting its universe and a new Action Comics No. 1 was completely lost on him. And his annoyance with me is palpable when I tell him how unhappy I am that Wally West is no longer the Flash.

My second closest co-worker, John Guerriero, is a completely lost cause, though. He can't tell the difference between the Green Lantern and the Green Hornet, and he flouts it.

StateWatch: Michigan is under fire for Marvel and Disney studios not choosing to film there.

Michigan was in the lead to land two major movie contracts with Disney and Marvel Comics.

"We were in the running and in fact they weren't negotiating with any other state but Michigan," said Senator Richardville.

Richardville contends the Snyder administration, through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation leader Mike Finney basically botched the negotiations, which forced those two companies to go somewhere else.


Friday Runaround – Sex, Lies And Catwomen

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Why You Should Bet on DC in the Comic Book Horse Race – Forbes

Marvel's biggest "comic event" of the last year was a series called Fear Itself, which is both a self-named short-run series and a cross-over storyline for most of Marvel's other major titles. By most accounts, it hasn't lived up to the hype. Comic reviewers have panned the writing as pedestrian bordering on silly.  Rather than being a sales producer it's been more of a surplus paper generator; comic shops have Fear Itself titles on their shelves to spare.

The Secret History of Spider-Man Movies

From the early 1970s to the mid-1990s, Spider-Man has gone through countless attempts at creating a big-screen success, with people as diverse as Roger Corman and James Cameron involved. Here's the secret history of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in movies.

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