Friday Trending Topics: Justice League, Stephanie Brown, And Marketshare

Reading the analytics tea leaves on the marketshare and marketing fronts, I think we're in for an interesting fall in both of those areas.  And since you can consider SDCC as the all-star break of comic book season, next week should provide quite a bit of opportunity for punditry on how the second half of the year is going to play out.  But looking past next week… I think we're heading into a very eventful time for the business.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Jim Lee's Justice League Pencils – And The Identity Of The Mysterious Justice Leaguer?

Here are the original pencils by Jim Lee he just tweeted for the new Justice League image, appearing on oversized bags and tumblers alike at the San Diego Comic Con. And an indication that it was drawn quite some time ago… well, I did first report this book was happening two years ago. The only real change I can see is Wonder Woman losing a few stars down her rib cage.

"Spoiler Was Gonna Die" – Inside The DC Writer Meeting That Killed Stephanie Brown

Luckily Dylan Horrocks was one of the writers of the crossover event in which this happened, working on Batgirl, and was able to explain the workings of her death from inside the Batwriters meeting held in a New York office over a weekend.

Now Spider-Man And Fear Itself Beat Flashpoint But DC Regain Marketshare – And Dynamite Is Rising

Ultimate Spider-Man #160, featuring the death of Ultimate Spider-Man smashed through the sales barriers in June taking the number one spot, and will likely have sold well over the 100,000 estimated sales barrier. Indeed, it looks like the estimated figure will be more like 150,000 to 170,000. Fear Itself #3 at the number two point may be nudging the 100,000 point as well. While Flashpoint comes in at number three, around the 88,000 mark.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Only One Change Between Torchwood Miracle Day In The US And The UK

Apart from a slight difference in screen ratio, there was no difference between Torchwood Miracle Day episode 1 as seen in the US and in the UK. Reports about cut scenes due to violence in the UK, and cut scenes in the US for timeliness proved false. The only noticeable change was in the next-episode trailers. The US were content to show scenes from the next episode, the UK showed scenes from a bunch of episodes. Including…

Racist Popeye Cartoon Vanishes From The Airwaves With No Notice Or Acknowledgment – So Watch It Here Instead

TCM in the US were last night scheduled to play Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves, a notoriously racist cartoon that almost collapses under the weight of its Arab stereotyping. The film was made in 1937 when, as far as I know, there wasn't any particular US-Arab conflict or issues that would have brought about such propaganda with specific urgency. It just looks like casual, timeless racism.

Balin. Dwalin. Dwarves. The Hobbit. You Know The Drill

In Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, Ken Stott is playing Balin and Graham McTavish is playing Dwalin. Courtesy of Time, here comes a picture and some text. And yes, there is an echo in here. Don't worry – there's only Thorin to come. I think.

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