Marc Forster To Direct Sci-Fi Thriller Red Rising As World War Z Follow-Up

red-rising After turning World War Z into a massive surprise hit against rumors of a troubled production, Marc Forster has signed up for his next directing gig. According to Deadline, Forster is attached to direct Red Rising, the Pierce Brown novel that the author has also adapted for the big screen himself.

The story is set on Mars (insert knee-jerk John Carter cringe here). The protagonist, named Darrow, toils beneath the surface of the red planet, mining it for minerals that will one day allow the surface to become hospitable as Earth dies some 50 million miles away. When he discovers it's a lie and an elite class of humans have been living on the surface of Mars for generations, he becomes a Revolutionary and infiltrates them to take them down from the inside. And more vaguely:

Questions of fate, duality, and loyalty, evolve in a cruel test of war between the sons and daughters of the ruling elite.

I'm guessing this means he falls in love with a pretty elite class girl and gets his priorities all twisted.

It's the first part of a trilogy so this is a potential franchise launcher. Two studios are apparently already interested in picking up the tab for this one, but not Paramount, says Deadline. Apparently there's still bad World War Z blood between the studio and director, despite the financial success of the finished product.

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