Monday Morning Breakfast Runaround

Monday Morning Breakfast Runaround

VagrantWatch: Kate Beaton puts her story about the loss of her community – and a human life – back online.

LengthWatch: The Secret Service from Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons will be seven issues long.

MillionaireWatch: Tony Millionaire looks to his future.

"Being a cartoonist is a great way to make a living — it's a lot of fun, but it doesn't pay for college," says Millionaire, 56, thinking ahead for his two daughters, both still in grade school. "I can't save. I have to strike gold. Soon."

Animation could be his answer to paying for college. "One thing I'm interested in is riches. Any time something you do gets on TV, suddenly everybody knows who you are," he says. Until then, Millionaire will be drawing more faces deep into the night. "Illustrations pay the bills. Comics don't, really."

CerealWatch: Business Insider looks to Zach Weiner as a financial model of success over Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. 

It's doing really well. I have a manager who does publicity stuff for me and negotiates for me. I have a kid who does some assistance for me, little stuff like being a go-between between people and doing bits of research for me. The little stuff I could use taken off my plate so I could do more reading and comics. It's growing nicely. We just took over our own store next year. Profits compared to what I was doing earlier is up 4-5x, which is really cool because most of the revenue we make is off ads. We're transitioning to merch because it's more reliable, ads don't really make sense. I live far more comfortably than I ought to.

Monday Morning Breakfast RunaroundGulliverWatch: Martin Rowson is recreating one of my favourite novels, Gulliver's Travels, as a sequel based on recent politics with the original lands revisited. This? This I'm in favour of, especially if it gets out of Lilliput… and onto the Houyhnhnms. There was also a superb modern remake on Radio 4 recently called Brian Gulliver's Travels by Bill Dare starring Neal Pearson which I recommend anyone track down…

ShopWatch: Comics World in Largo, Tampa Bay gets covered by the local press.

Along with nostalgic conversations during business hours, Potter says one of the perks of his job is watching his customers grow up and raise young readers of their own.

"And this is why I will stay in business. It's because of encouraging reading. It's about the way there are parents still out there who hand down their love and the excitement of comic books to their children."

TweetWatch: When I had very long hair, I used to get mistaken for a woman by drunk men in clubs. Thought that time was long gone.

I could have sworn this letter to @dccomics was written by a woman til I reached the end…

— Moses Magnum (@Taurus_5) March 5, 2012



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