More D & D News From Twitter And The Net

By Christopher Helton

More news from Twitter on the D&D front. Once again, Mike Mearls's Twitter feed is proving to be an important part of the gaming writer's morning routine. At least we get an explanation for this tweet from the other day:

Now, we have an answer to how that is going to happen:

So, it looks like the answer will be that there isn't going to be any character creation rules in the Starter Box, but that's okay because there will be a free PDF that people can access. My question is: what about all the people out there who don't access gaming stuff on the internet? Even now, with a ubiquitous internet, there hasn't been a lot of evidence that the gaming industry can find to show that more than a minority of gamers uses the internet for finding things gaming related. Could the fact that this was mentioned to retailers mean that there will be some sort of distribution of this free PDF through brick and mortar stores? Let's hope so.

There is also a good interview with Wolfgang Bauer and Steve Winter over at the ENworld gaming site.

There will be more to come.

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