Pokémon Go at SDCC 2018: Unowns Everywhere

Pokémon Go at SDCC 2018: Unowns Everywhere

Scarcely a week before San Diego Comic-Con, Niantic Labs cancelled their much-anticipated SDCC panel.  Though no official response was given by the creators of Pokémon Go and Ingress, fan speculation ranged from event-fatigue after last week's successful Go-Fest to a company-wide effort to break this writer's heart. However, they didn't completely leave their fans wanting. Just a few minutes ago I fired up my Pokémon Go app and was greeted with a map full of Unown silhouettes.

Considered to be the rarest Pokémon in the game, Unown is estimated to have a spawn rate of 1/400 to 1/1,000,000. To further its allure, there are 28 variants of this Pokémon (one for each letter of the alphabet, plus a question mark and an exclamation point.) To catch a complete set is the most elusive goal in the entire game. I've only seen one in the wild, until today.

The variants available this weekend are S, A, N, D, I, E, G, and O. I'm unsure how Niantic went about choosing those letters, but if someone could tell me in the comments, I would appreciate it. It is unknown (pun intended) how long Niantic will maintain these spawns, but one can only hope they stay for the entire week of the convention.

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