"Quit Drinking Your Pee-Beer" I Hate Fairyland #2 Review


I want to climb a mountain and shout from the top of it, that everyone should be reading Skottie Young's comic I Hate Fairyland! Then I want Gertrude to magically appear and make a sarcastic comment. From Image Comics, written and illustrated by Skottie YoungI Hate Fairyland #2 brings us another hilarious adventure. Just in case you didn't read the first issue, here's what it's all about: After wishing to be sent to a magical land, Gertrude is sent to Fairyland, but her reaction to that isn't what you'd typically expect. We see her many years later, now a thirty seven year old trapped inside the body of an eight year old, absolutely sick of living in this so called magical place.

Queen Cloudia has had enough of Gertrude slaying the creatures in her kingdom, and asks a local witch to get rid of her. This results in a lot of Zombie Faun waiting for Gertrude to come their way. After reading the first issue, I was nervous that the second wouldn't be as good. I'm pleased to report, it was even better! The sarcasm and wit that is interweaved into Young's script will have you laughing out loud, I promise you.


I could read Gertrude and Larry's dialogues all day long. Their friendship, although kind of destructive, clearly has a strong foundation. They've been through a lot together and as a result, are reluctant companions. I love Larry. After Gertrude can't find the key she's been looking for to get back home, Larry conveniently mentions, "Anyway, these weren't tickle trolls, they're giggle giants." That scene in particular is so ridiculous and beautifully gruesome that I'd like to hang it on my wall. With all of that said, I'm going to urge you to not miss out on this awesome new comic from Image. To quote Gertrude, "Quit Drinking Your Pee-Beer," and go to your local comic book store to pick up I Hate Fairyland #2 today!

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