The New Trailer For CG Foosball Film, Metegol, Shoots And Scores

Ed Brown writes for Bleeding Cool.

If you speak Spanish, then this trailer for Metegol – aka Futbolín, aka Foosball in the US – is probably a lot more revealing to you than it is to me. But we do finally get a good idea how director Juan José Campanella is intending on making an entire film around the table-top game.


It still looks very exciting, and top marks for originality. This will probably set quite a high bar for the Lego Movie in terms of films about playthings having a life of their own.

And… I think there's one more animated series with that same sort of theme…?  A story… about toys… that might also be something to live up to? Was on the tip of my tongue…

Metegol is released in Argentina on July 18th, with US or UK dates yet to be announced.

Previously: other trailers for the film in January of this year and July of last.

Thanks to E Cartelera for the heads up.