"This Is DEA Agent Conrad" Thoughts On Sombra #1

From BOOM! Studios comes, Sombra #1, written by Justin Jordan, with art by Raúl Treviño. The story centers around a DEA agent who disappeared in Mexico years ago, who goes by the name of Conrad. As people discover that he now fights for the other team and is brutalizing the cartels he was originally sent out to investigate, things get more complicated. The main character in the story is his daughter, Danielle, who is also a DEA agent. Her determination to find him and stop him is what fuels the story.


Because this story is being drawn from Raul Trevino's first hand experiences, you can really get an authentic feel when reading. This is a scary story, not in a horror type of way, but in a brutal, twisted way. Plus, his artwork is detailed and the landscapes are beautiful. Mind you, there are some scenes that are far from beautiful and downright bloody. Still, well done.


I couldn't put the comic down, even though I went in feeling skeptical of how good the content would be. Justin Jordan writes a dynamite script. I'm happy to report that it's a heart-pounding –informative read. Danielle Conrad's character is one that I am looking forward to discovering more about. Her determination is admirable, but I want to know more about her life in general. Hopefully, there will be time. For those of you who don't know, it's a limited series, so we are only going to have four issues to eat up before it's all done. My hope is that each issue is as good as the last. Be sure to grab your copy of Sombra #1 today.


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