Toy Fair '16: The Power Of Retailers Expands The Anime Collection

I'll start off by saying, "She is the one…Sailor Moon!," and if that keeps you hooked, you'll be happy with what I have below. Toy Fair 2016 brought a first look at the Sailor Moon POP! Vinyl figures that will be releasing later this year. Recently, I've begun to notice that the anime portion of the POP! Vinyl collection is growing, and why shouldn't it?

Funko Director of Marketing, Mark Robben talked with me about the expanding anime line and said:

"It's really growing…a lot of it has to do with obviously fans, but then retailers. If retailers tell us, 'we can move this,' then we continue to make more and Hot Topic and Game Stop have both had a lot of success with anime."

This is great news for everyone, because Funko truly is covering all fandoms. Seeing the Sailor Moon collection would bring nostalgic feelings to even the most skeptical of fans. I think it's one of those shows that really put anime in the hands of unlikely fans too be honest. What's really special about the collection is, Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus both come with their respective cats. Sailor Moon with Luna, and Sailor Venus with Artemis. It's the little details that count. So, if there's an anime POP! Vinyl collection that you're dying to see…or perhaps something TV/Movie/Game related, be sure to follow Funko on Twitter. It's been said that sometimes a tweet can go a long way…hint hint. The Sailor Moon POP! Vinyl series will release this April.

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