We "Welcome" To Bleeding Cool, A Brand New Staff Writer. You Won't Guess Who.

download-1 Bleeding Cool has a brand new staff writer. The first of a number who will be appointed in the next few months.

I wasn't consulted on this, obviously. Frankly, I wish he wasn't now part of Bleeding Cool. I advised against it, but it seems my counsel was ignored.

So, I suppose, however grudgingly, I must give welcome, to Bleeding Cool…

Jude Terror.

Formerly of The Outhousers.

No, it is not April the first. It's November the first. Believe me, I checked before you did.

That's right, folks, it appears that all you have to do to get a job on Bleeding Cool is to spend years insulting me, creating deeply upsetting photoshop jobs of me, and impersonating me in a ludicrous accent that is, frankly, nothing less than deep-seated xenophobia of the worst kind.

And it can't be denied that Jude Terror hates me. Dan Slott once described Jude Terror saying


And then me, saying,


(Even though he knows I don't say I'm a journalist), before concluding,


So, there you go. Proof that Jude Terror hates me. And now he is part of Bleeding Cool.


Don't get us sued, Jude.

Pip pip.

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool applauds Dan Slott on the speed of his tweet deletion.

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