Redlands #1 Review: The End Is The Beginning For Modern Horror Series

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Redlands #1 by Jordie Bellaire and Vanesa Del Rey from Image Comics is an interesting start for a brand new series to follow, because it very much feels like an ending.

This issue is set in the town of Redlands, Florida in 1977, as a police station stands under siege after just trying to commit a lynching and mysteriously failing in that endeavour, their victims now the very force besieging them. For the victims are women with immense power.

Redlands #1 cover by Vanesa Del Rey and Jordie Bellaire

What is interesting about picking the story up here, is it very much feels like the final act to a horror film. In fact, a very specific rebellion horror film too, as the police in this story are certainly not presented as figures of pity. So it's a bit like The Craft in that way, except less teen horror and more full-blown viscera splattered against the wall horror.

It reads like the most powerful horror film, but the kind where you kind of root for the 'monster'. And moreover, as I say, it reads like the ending of one.

And that's what has me hooked on this series – because now we get to see what happens next.

Bellaire and Del Rey's choice to set this opening issue here is brave, as it's so easy to feel that this could be a one and done story and end here – certainly so many movies have ended here at this emotional juncture. But Redlands will get to show the story after the story and let the audience follow through.

There's plenty set up to create an intriguing set drama, with more potential twists as Bellaire and Del Rey continue to play with the genre and form.

Redlands is a brave and committed start to a tale of horror and rebellion that will keep you hooked and show you where that rebellion can lead.  A powerful start to a great new series.

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