Sana Amanat Says Marvel Still Has More X-Men, Inhumans Books To Announce

Marvel Editor Sana Amanat and The Mighty Captain Marvel writer Margeret Stohl joined ABC for their monthly (provided an issue actually makes it out) Civil War 2 live stream chat. Nothing too mind blowing was revealed, but Amanat did drop a subtle hint about Marvel's plans for the X-Books and Inhumans.

"Inhumans vs X-Men is less of an ideological struggle [than Civil War 2]," Amanat said of the next super-mega-crossover event that just kicked off this week. "The Inhumans value something called terrigen, and terrigen is unfortunately hurting mutant kind. It will eventually lead into a big fractioning between those two parties, and then we're gonna have a whole new line of X-Men and Inhumans titles. We've announced some of those titles, I think."

Some?! We already know about X-Books such as X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold, Generation X, Iceman, Jean Grey, Cable, and Weapon X, with more details on those last two expected in the next few days. What other new X-Books could Marvel have planned? What's Gambit been up to, anyway?

On the Inhumans end, we already know about Black Bolt, The Royals, and Secret Warriors. What new Inhumans books does Marvel have planned? They have to have at least one more than the X-Books, just to show who's higher up on the food chain, right?

Artist's dramatization of possible unannounced X-Men/Inhumans books

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