Saturn Girl on New Heroes In Crisis Cover by Ryan Sook?

Two more covers for Heroes In Crisis…replacing a certain prone Poison Ivy as well.

Heroes In Crisis #6 cover by Mitch Gerads. Featuring a partially masked Harley Quinn-as-Saturn Girl. The Legionnaire has been popping up in DC Rebirth and Doomsday Clock-related titles in the last two-and-a-bit years. So why is Harley cosplaying as her? And appearing in the Sanctuary, surrounded in blood, lying on her back, partially wearing the Heroes In Crisis mask and partially covered in a sheet while an unknown figure looms over her. Could that be Gotham Girl?

While Heroes In Crisis #7 cover by Mitch Gerads has a bloody Harley Quinn mallet and a little bit of blaster from Booster Gold, in the cornfields outside the Sanctuary, with a rather annoyed Superman.

Then we have The Price Batman/Flash/Heroes In Crisis crossover issue Flash #64 by Chris Burnham, featuring another silhouette, definitely Gotham Girl, and Barry Allen with a Sanctuary mask and Batman with the crowbar used by the Joker to kill

And a Flash #64 variant cover by Tom Raney with no clues to decipher than I can see–unless I am wrong. Do let me know…

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