Scott Snyder is a Little Jealous of Jason Aaron's War of the Realms Trailer

DC Comics superstar writer Scott Snyder is in the elite class of comic book pros at the top of the industry, currently the writer of Justice League. But does one of his chief rivals at Marvel Comics, Jason Aaron, get more respect?

Earlier today, Marvel released a trailer for War of the Realms, a super-mega-crossover event written by Aaron with art by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, billed as unparalleled in scale, the biggest super-mega-crossover event Marvel has ever produced. And after watching the trailer, Snyder took to Twitter to write:

Will DC Comic capitulate to Snyder's demands and produce orchestral trailers for his next big event comic? They would be smart to do so, lest they risk losing Snyder to their chief competitor for the lure of sweet trailers with "orchestras and shit." He does have some secret projects in the works, so DC better get ready to promote them in trailer form!

Otherwise, Snyder will have to turn to the internet to make his trailers for him, and we all know that's an invitation for trouble.

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Scott Snyder is a Little Jealous of Jason Aaron's War of the Realms Trailer

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