Spaced Out – Talking Science Fiction, Writing and Battlestar Galactica With Dan Abnett

Dan Abnett is no stranger to science fiction having spent a good amount of time with DC Comics Legion and Marvels Gaurdians Of The Galaxy as well as a plethora of his own Sci-fi novels. Now with Dynamite he's getting to play in another popular space-based franchise. Jai Nitz sat and chatted with the writer about the original Battlestar Galactica.

JAI NITZ: Did the original Battlestar Galactica come to the UK in the late 1970s? How did you first see the original Battlestar Galactica?

DAN ABNETT: It certainly did. I remember going to see the first two (or three) episodes compiled as a "movie" in the local cinema before it came to TV. It made quite an impression.

JN: You're known for space sci-fi. You co-created Sinister Dexter, you handled Legion and Marvel's cosmic heroes. What are your favorite sci-fi genre works by other creators?

DA: Well, apart from BSG old and new I'm a big fan of shows like Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly and Babylon Five, plus classic movies like the original Star Wars films, Alien and Blade Runner. The obvious things, really. I've always been a voracious reader, and SF has formed a major part of that diet, so I grew up reading Jack Vance, Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven and Julian May… nowadays, as a SF novelist when I'm not writing comics, I try to remain aware of my inspirations. Having written over 50 SF novels, both tie in and original, I have to be careful not to accidentally plunder ideas from the books I've read and loved.

JN: Is BG your first work for Dynamite? How did you come to Dynamite?

DA: Yes it is, and I'm happy to be here. Nick Barrucci invited me abaoad.

JN: You've co-written a lot of works with Andy Lanning. How do you handle scripts on your own?

DA: I've actually collaborated with quite a few people over the years, simply for the fun of brainstorming with another imagination, as freelance writing can be a fairly lonely occupation otherwise. But the vast majority of the things I write are solo – all my novels, and my computer games work, and comic writing for Vertigo, 2000 AD etc. So the script writing process is pretty much the same as usual. When we worked together, Andy and I would brainstorm and build the plots together, but the full scripts and dialogue always came from me.

JN: Tell me a little about your Battlestar Galactica book. Is it set in original continuity? Or does it stand alone?

DA: Yes it is in original continuity. We open with a big story to commemorate the BSG anniversary, then I take the book – from issue six onwards – into an ongoing adventure to continue the "series". I've been able to focus on particular characters, and also to build in a little continuity of my own, such as adding new character sin so I can keep the readers on their toes with plot ideas and relationships they won;t have known before. It's a "fleshing out" really.

JN: What does Cezar Razek bring to the table? How nice is it to have Alex Ross covers every month too?

DA: Cezar brings great, great art, basically, which perfectly captures the spirit – and likenesses – of the show. And Alex on covers? How nice do you think that is? LOL He's amazing.

JN: What's next for you at Dynamite? What other projects do you have upcoming?

DA: I've got quite a storyline projected for BSG, so I'm really looking forward to that, and looking forward to whatever else Dynamite might want me to do.


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Battlestar Galactica #5 is on sale now.

Jai Nitz is a writer in his own right having written for Marvel, DC, Image and currently Dynamite on Grimm: The Warlock debuting next month.

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