When Stan Lee Did a Geordie Accent, 'Ye Bugger'…

Stan Lee was married to Joan Boocock Lee for over seventy years, until her death two years ago.

She was born in Gosforth in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England, and lived in the nearby coastal town South Shields before moving to America, following her career as a model, and marrying Sanford Wells, before she met Stan Lee, divorced her husband and married Stan hours later.

And while she used a strong received pronounciation accent in her subsequent life, she could still bring back her accent from a child, known as a Geordie accent.

Well, in this video-of-a-video taken at the bar at the Harvey Awards at Baltimore Comic Con in 2011, a fan from Newcastle asked Stan Lee if he could do a Geordie accent like his wife.

He gave it a damn good try…

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