Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill – 24 Trades Of Christmas

toh1I'm going to go a little outside the norm for this next pick for the 24 Trades of Christmas by recommending two trades here and one of them I co-wrote. Author David Weber has created an amazingly in depth universe based on his character of Honor Harrington and what is now called the Honorverse. Harrington is an officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy, the space navy of the Star Kingdom of Manticore. It's classic science-fiction meets military fiction.

Top Cow got the rights to do comics based on the series of novels. The first series they did is called Tales of Honor: On Basilisk Station which is also the title of the first novel and that's because Matt Hawkins adapted the Weber novel along with artists Jung-Geun Yoon, Sang-Li Jeung and Linda Sejic. This tells the story of Honor's first command and sets up the universe as a whole. Hawkins does an amazing job of condensing a very detail-oriented novel into a 160 pages of comics.

toh2For the second volume, I got brought in to work with Hawkins and Sejic to tell an original story in the Honorverse. It takes place directly after On Basilisk Station and had Honor and two of her crew members, Scotty Tremaine and Horace Harkness along with her treecat Nimitz heading to a pleasure satellite called Eros to try and locate Honor's missing uncle. They get tied up in a much bigger story involving genetically enhanced slaves and Honor must face off against vicious alien creatures in a battle arena.

Going out on the convention circuit, I'm amazed at just how many Honor Harrington fans I come across. They are not only dedicated fans, but the people around them seem to know and will drag them over once they know there is something Honorverse related on my table.

These two trades would be great gifts for fans of the Honorverse. Not only can they see the novel that started it all adapted as a comic, but with Bred to Kill, they can read a new story that takes place in the early days of Honor's career and gives a more detailed history for fan favorite Harkness. It is also a great jumping in point for comic fans who like science fiction.

So, yeah, I worked on the second volume… but their still really good.

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