Taskmaster #4 Review: The Gray World of Espionage And Secrets

The last leg of a globe-spanning mission comes to an entertaining penultimate chapter in Taskmaster #4 as the garishly clad mercenary drops from a high altitude into Wakanda, the world's most difficult nut to crack. Were he there to steal vibranium, or state secrets, he would be in an enormous amount of danger and highly unlikely to succeed. However, with his particular set of skills, the thing he was sent to steal was almost too easy to acquire.

Taskmaster #4 Cover. Credit: Marvel Comics
The Cover of Taskmaster #4. Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Jed McKay has a true knack for mastering that cinematic universe-worthy balance of humor and action as the title character begins to mentally unravel the nearly impossible situation facing him. Along the way, the script delivers some intriguing characterization, a hint of hilariously timed flirtation, and ultimately accomplishing the goal with a hint of Br'er Rabbit thrown in for chuckles.

The visual storytelling from Alessandro Vitti, Guru-eFX, and Joe Caramagna does a fantastic job of delivering on action scenes, especially mirroring Danai Gurira's physicality in the Marvel movies and translating that through the comics version of Okoye … which is exactly what Taskmaster wants, ironically. This plot gives every character a chance to shine in their own natural habitat, giving up nothing they thought they needed while still pushing the super clever plot forward. Taskmaster #4 is an engaging comics work about the gray world of espionage and secrets hiding underneath the bright colors and spandex of the superhero set. RATING: BUY.

Taskmaster #4
By Jed McKay, Alessandro Vitti
TARGET: OKOYE! The Rubicon Trigger is a doomsday device that the world's greatest superspies thought they had locked away forever – until someone murdered MARIA HILL to get to it! Taskmaster's next stop to prevent global destruction? Sunny Wakanda, of course! Home to Okoye and the feared Dogs of War!

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