The Daily LITG – 5th September 2018 – Nightwing Needs This Like a Shot In the Head

Lying In The Gutters began in 2002 on Comic Book Resources, an evolution of a column that had already been running for ten years on Usenet's newsgroups, Twist & Shout Comics, NextPlanetOver and Silver Bullet Comic Books. When Bleeding Cool began, it went dormant, then later revived as a weekly catchup on the week's news.

Today it goes daily. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. So here are the five most-read stories from yesterday.

  1. Nightwing Finds a New Place to Display His Logo in Nightwing #50
  2. One Confirmed Heroes In Crisis #1 Death (SPOILERS)
  3. Nightwing to Get a Brand-New Direction in the DC Universe
  4. Dave Sim Writes Open Letter to Ethan Van Sciver About Darwyn Cooke
  5. Reading the First 17 Pages of Heroes in Crisis #1

One you may have missed but which is still pretty useful.

Twenty Titles For December 26th Ship a Week Early as Diamond Takes Christmas Off

And something for speculators out there.

Speculator Corner: Rat Queens #16 Will Never Be Reprinted

And a recommendation from Donny Cates.

(We got them in touch)

Today in comics: It's New Comic Book Day. With the launch of two new Brian Bendis books, Cover with David Mack and United States Vs Murder with Michael Oeming and Taki Soma, both reviewed here.

Si Spurrier is signing Sandman Universe #1 and Dreaming #1, Forbidden Planet London Megastore at 6pm.

Matt Miner and Ethan Sachs are signing Poser #1 and Silver Surfer Annual #1 respectfully at JHU Comic Books in Manhattan from 6-8pm.

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