They're Not Like Us Puts A Hopeful Spin On Being Different


Because Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve both fell on Wednesdays, it was easy to let some comics fall through the cracks. However, when I got home today and glanced at my pile of unread comics, I came across one that needed to be talked about. They're Not Like Us from Image, written by Eric Stephenson with art by Simon Gane is one of those comics that captures your attention so well that it grabs the collar of your shirt, pulls you close, and screams "Keep reading!" Issue One manages to do that from the cover alone, where the main character's feet are shown at the edge of a building with a pedestrian down below yelling, "That girl is going to jump."

Heart pounding, honest, and surprising, They're Not Like Us takes a hopeful spin on being different and even knocks on the door of talking about mental illness. That kind of subject matter can sometimes get a little sticky, but Stephenson writes it well. The concept to me seems very X-Men like. Okay a bit of spoilers: the main character tries to kill herself because she's been suffering from hearing voices for her entire life, but now she finds out that she's really telepathic, and can be part of a small group of people with similar powers. While it has a slight superhero-y feel, the incredibly realistic art style beautifully drawn by Simon Gane, makes this comic one of a kind. It starts with a bang, and ends with a bang, so if you overlooked this comic be sure to pick it up next time you're at your local comic book store. I look forward to reading upcoming issues.

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