Todd McFarlane's First Amazing Spider-Man Work On Auction

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Todd McFarlane redefined Spider-Man and really Marvel Comics when he hoped onboard Amazing Spider-Man with issue #298. He wasn't on the book too long, but he left a mark that no other creator since Lee and Ditko on Web-Head. This book has been a key that flew under the radar for a little while, but in this market, that is no longer the case anymore. Up for auction at ComicConnect right now is a CBCS graded 9.2 copy of this issue, a very displayable and nice example. These white covers from then are extremely tough to get in high grade, so at $100 as of this writing, this is a McFarlane piece to try and get. Check it out below.

Todd McFarlane's First Amazing Spider-Man Work On Auction
Amazing Spider-Man #298 CBCS. Credit ComicConnect

McFarlane Spidey Issues Are Going Up and Up and Up…

"Put together an arms shipment, terrorists, and the high-rolling mercenary called Chance, and what have you got? You've got pretty big trouble for everyone's favorite wall-crawler in "Chance Encounter!" Also of note for all you Venom collectors that don't know: this also happens to be the first cameo appearance of Eddie Brock. With the second Venom film coming out shortly, the McFarlane Connection, and the way the market is right now, this book has a ton of room to grow as far as value is concerned, especially if CGC announces a signing with the popular creator.

With that in mind, make sure to go here and try and snag this gorgeous copy of this book. It will surely go for a pretty penny, but you just might get a bargain before this one becomes unattainable. While you are there, check out all of the other books taking bids today and the rest of the week because there are some real gems in here at some pretty great prices.

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