Annapurna Interactive Announces 5v5 Tactical Shooter 'Due Process'

Annapurna Interactive Announces 5v5 Tactical Shooter 'Due Process'

Annapurna Interactive has officially revealed their latest game after showing it off to press and attendees of PAX East this past weekend. Giant Enemy Crab's Due Process is a tactical 5v5 shooter with a focus on planning and teamwork that rewards communication with teammates, allows players to draw a "playbook" directly onto the map during the planning phases, and presents a novel situation each play session thanks to a bounty of procedurally generated, hand-curated maps.

One team is the attacking group, the other the defenders. Defenders will be roaming the inside the building, hoping to keep it out of the clutches of the attacking group. The attacking group starts in a van outside the building, and will have to break in and stop a bomb within the time limit. Because it's objective-based, the attacking team can win without killing the entire defending team.

Annapurna Interactive Announces 5v5 Tactical Shooter 'Due Process'

Because its a team-based objective shooter with procedurally generated maps, Due Process serves as an attempt to even the playing field between new and veteran players. Since the maps are not pre-set, map knowledge isn't something that will help you. And given the difficulty facing both teams, there's a lot of dedication given to the planning phase of each match for both teams.

I got a chance to play a couple rounds with a member of the development team leading us through, and despite some orientation troubles at the beginning (I was dropped in without much time to get used to the controls because I joined last second) the matches were exciting and quick. Most of a match goes to the planning phase, which makes Due Process something very unique in the team shooter genre.

You can watch the reveal trailer below.

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