Arc System Works Will be Patching Dragon Ball FighterZ's Online Bugs

dragon ball fighterz

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works' Dragon Ball FighterZ has been having some troubles with online functionality since the game launched last month. DBFZ's producer Tomoko Hiroki announced that the dev team will be rolling out two new patches for the game to fix several of the ongoing Ring Match and connection issues. The announcement came by way of a video posted on Bandai Namco Europe's Youtube chanel, which also confirmed the game's ongoing service will continue.

Hiroki promised that Arc System Works has heard players concerns about connection drops and Ring Match matchmaking and are working on fixes. "We're aware of the situation, and keen to resolve them with all our might," she said.

The first patch, coming sometime this month, will not fix all of the issues and so will be followed up with a second patch coming in March for a gradual fix. Between those two patches, the issues should be fixed, but even if they are not, Hiroki promises that "we will not stop until the fix has been completed."

While this news is promising, we really don't know much about the coming patches or why the fix needs to be a gradual one. But that falls in line pretty well with how Bandai Namco tend to handle their bug fix announcements.

You can see Hiroki's full statement in the video below.

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