The Final Assassin's Creed Origins: Trial of the Gods Will Feature Warrior Goddess Sekhmet

Credit// Ubisoft

The next month of Assassin's Creed updates will be rolled out throughout December, and will come bearing gifts like new quests, items, and the final Trial of the Gods encounter. All of this should give you some more content to go stabbing and firing your way through.

The game's new title update will be released this month, featuring a Nightmare difficulty mode, and enemy scaling to adjust lower-level enemies later in the game, so you'll still have a challenge at high levels. There will also be two new quests – one of those is being kept as a surprise, but if you're level 32 or higher, you should be able to manage the game's new Horde Mode. Horde Mode allows you to prove your worth in the Cyrene arena against never-ending waves of enemies. So. It's a Halo Firefight.

The game will also be getting two new item packs released through the month. The Gladiator Items pack, which arrives December 12th, lets you equip new armor, as well as Neptune's Trident and Hercules' spear. The wacky Items pack, out on December 26th, hasn't been fully revealed yet, but Ubisoft say it'll be "a perfect fit for the bath towel outfit." So uh prepare yourself for some half-naked Bayek times.

And lastly, the third and final Trial of the Gods will be available this month. As well as renewing access to the Anubis and Sobek trials for new players, the third trial will see players take on the warrior goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet is one of my personal favorites because she's a lioness war god, and we all know I like cats. She was also seen as a healer and the fiercest hunter. It was said that her breath formed the desert which is suitably badass. She was even seen as the protector of the pharaohs and believed to have led them to victory in warfare.

The more you know.

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