Not To Be Outdone, Avengers Academy Brings The Defenders To The Palm Of Your Hand

What with a brand new Marvel Netflix show focusing on the Harlem/Hell's Kitchen heroes hitting online today, TinyCo's latest update to their addictive casual gaming mobile game for Android and iOS Avengers Academy is bringing it's own event to the game inspired by The Defenders.

Avengers Academy

This time, the Hand are active in Hell's Kitchen at the behest of Madame Gao, so what kind of new street-level heroes can we expect to be included in this update, seen as they've already brought Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Moon Knight, Hellcat, Misty Knight and almost every other street level hero you can think of?

Well, players will be able to get Colleen Wing, Stick, Claire Temple, and Foggy Nelson…and they promise more, so might be more to come.

There'll also invariably be a load of new costumes, too, and one that has been confirmed is Joe Fixit Hulk— most likely either in a random prize giving crate or to be unlocked via the Infinity Shards players have to actually buy of course.

The update follows straight on from the last event, Armor Wars, which was a slightly shorter one. This one, however, will likely last a normal amount of time, as there are no other cross media promoting opportunities available until Thor: Ragnarok comes out.

Maybe we'll finally be getting the X-Men or Inhumans we've been getting hints of for seemingly forever. Actually…come to think of it, the next event will probably be Inhumans.

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