Avengers Academy Sidesteps Into The Multiverse


In a weird sidestep from where it seemed the game would be going, Avengers Academy's next event (because as if they would take a break) will involve the Multiverse.

The villainous alternate-future Hulk that is the Maestro takes his desire for conquest to the Avengers Academy, looking to beat the heroes gathered there and look into their connection with Thanos.

The event promises to bring a ton of new costumes for characters like Spider-Woman, Black Widow, Taskmaster, and more, as well as new alternate-reality characters like the Captain America and Ghost Rider of 2099, World War II-era Bucky, and a Thor Noir.

In an interview with Marvel, Allen Warner reveals that the next event to come will be one to tie into Spider-Man: Homecoming, which promises more Spider-People, and he also says they will "continue to add more iconic heroes that no one thought would ever be coming to Avengers Academy."

I'm guessing, especially given previous hints I'd mentioned in an earlier article, that these characters include Inhumans and X-Men, the latter of whom have started appearing in other Marvel mobile game Future Fight, and that many would have assumed could never be in the game. However, given these characters were heavily hinted at and there's definite fan desire for them, I'm surprised to see this Multiverse event come in as the next event rather out of the blue.

Of course, many longtime players of the game are probably just peeved that there's another event at all, and that the games makers continue to seemingly push them into spending real-world money to obtain characters and costumes. I'm not just talking the premium offerings, but the standard costumes and characters sometimes require such lofty item collection goals in such a short time that it's difficult to successfully obtain them without spending money. There's a growing sense of annoyance around this aspect of the game, and there's still plenty the developers could be doing to fix what is essentially a deeply punishing aspect of what should be a fun, casual game.

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