Axe Partners With Fortnite Esports Player For New In-Game Island

Grooming brand Axe has partnered with Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha to release a new Fortnite Island you can check out today. The two sides have come together to create the "Mistaverse" island, which is an in-game location where you can play the popular Capture The Flag challenge. The island officially went live today, can head here and use the code "3028-7555-9283" to check out the Mistaverse for yourself. You'll also find many a reference to the brand throughout the island, as you can see from the images below, as well as special boosters that you can utilize that justs o happen to be contained in spray bottles. We have more information on the island for you to check out below, as well as a trailer showing it off before you dive in.

Axe Partners With Fortnite Esports Player For New In-Game Island
Credit: Axe

The new Island, which goes live on June 15th, was developed by Axe and Atlas Creative Studios in collaboration with professional esports player Bugha, and is based on the fan-favorite in-game power-up, Med Mist, a spray that heals players in the heat of combat. The collaboration came about following fan social conversations comparing Fortnite's Med Mist to Axe over the past year. Like Med Mist, Axe is all about giving guys everywhere a power-up – and Axe believes, when you smell good, life opens up a world of possibilities.

  • Within the in-game challenge, teams of players are tasked with capturing the flag at the center of the map, bringing it back to their home base, using Med-Mist cans to power up their gameplay.
  • Inspired by their original in-game form, Med Mist cans will help power-up players as they're playing the game with four power-ups: anti-gravity, damage boost, advanced speed or a health boost.
  • The map is full of 'Easter eggs' for fans to discover and decode.

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