Battlefield V Introduces Duos to Battle Royale Mode Firestorm

Battlefield V — Official Firestorm Gameplay Trailer (Battle Royale)

EA and developer DICE have added a duo mode to Battlefield V's new battle royale mode Firestorm today. The point of putting Duos in Firestorm and releasing it now is to get player feedback on the mode before making improvements, and likely bringing it back to Firestorm in the future.

In a post on the Battlefield forums, DICE explains:

Today we're introducing Duo to Firestorm. It's available in game for you to play right now.

It's our first time putting Duo out into the wild having started work on the mode much later in Firestorms development. We love it, and we think it's a great addition to the game, but we recognize best that we're better hearing that from you, and we'd appreciate your support in helping to make it a strong addition to Firestorm, and Battlefield V.

We're making it available until 10am UTC on Monday 15th April, at which point we'll come back to you all to ask how you found the experience. Did it change the pacing of the games for you? Did it cause for hotter drops? Were you enjoying it as much as Solos and Squads? Were you primarily playing with Randoms, or Squadding with a friend, and how did each of those two matchmaking types change things for you with the experience?

You can add your feedback here on this thread, so don't be shy to share your thoughts as you go. Next week, we'll look at the hard data that we get from our various teams, as well as the feedback that you share with us here. We'll then come back and share our learnings next week.

Firestorm is Battlefield V's version of a battle royale mode and it combines the franchise's signature gunplay, devastating combat, vehicles, and destructible environments. For now, Firestorm is playable only on Battlefield's largest map, Halvoy.

Duos will be available in Firestorm until Monday, April 15th at 10am UTC.

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